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South Asian Wedding Blog

  • Ruby and Vince's California Wedding

    Posted 10 October 2016

    It's our pleasure to feature another one of our inspiring clients wedding. Making your dream a reality is our passion and seeing your stunning photos is our reward.Here's what Ruby said...
  • Aman Himmat's Royal Reception

    Posted 30 April 2015

    We featured Aman and Himmat's captivating Sikh wedding a while ago. We just received their reception photos from Deo Studios and couldn't resist sharing them with you. It was a pleasure designing their outfits. 

    Check out their royal reception.


  • Navjit & Raymond's Classy Indian Wedding

    Posted 28 March 2015

     We love seeing our clients look amazing and give life to our designs. Making your dream a reality is our passion and seeing your stunning photos is our reward. Here's a wedding of another inspiring client, Najit and Raymond. 

    Here's what Navjit said about her shopping experience at Wellgroomed.

    "This is long overdue but I want to thank you and your team at Wellgroomed for designing and creating my wedding and reception outfits. Dave, you were able to take my vision and create two very stunning outfits that left me utterly speechless. I received endless compliments from friends, family and even strangers.

    During my reception shoot, I had strangers coming up to me stating, "I looked like a princess."  I felt like a trillion bucks and I will never forget that feeling. It is safe to say you went above and beyond my expectations. I recommend your services to everyone because your end product is always beautiful. You are very skilled in Indian/Western fashion. I cannot wait to work with you and your team in the future."

     Check out Navjit and Raymond's beautiful wedding below. 

  • Tina's Delightful Wedding

    Posted 17 March 2015

    It's our pleasure to feature another one of our inspiring clients wedding. Tina came to us with a specific vision for her wedding outfits. We listened and delivered what she wanted. Tina looked absolutely stunning on her wedding. 

    Without further ado, check out some gorgeous shots from her wedding below.

  • Ren's Extravagant Indian Wedding

    Posted 14 March 2015

    We're very fortunate to work with so many amazing clients. Being part of the biggest day in your life is invaluable to us. 

    We love seeing our clients look amazing and give life to our designs. Making your dream a reality is our passion and seeing your stunning photos is our reward.

    Today, we're featuring an extravagant Indian wedding of our client Ren. She loved her wedding and reception lehenga so much that she wanted to "wear them forever".  

    Check out some amazing shots from her wedding and reception.  

  • Aman & Himmat's Captivating Sikh Wedding

    Posted 08 March 2015

    We love featuring real wedding of our clients because they're an incredible source of inspiration for brides and grooms. Today, we're featuring an inspirational Sikh wedding of a beautiful couple.

    We had the pleasure to design Aman's wedding lehenga and Himmat's sherwani.  Both of them loved their outfits and rightfully so. Just checkout the stunning wedding pictures below. 

  • Gagan's Elegant Indian Wedding

    Posted 04 March 2015


    Today we're featuring the wedding of our gorgeous client Gagan.

    Here's what Gagan had to say about her shopping experience at Wellgroomed:

    "Thank you so much for all of your hard work in making a beautiful reception gown for my wedding.

    I envisioned a "white wedding dress" for my reception and looked all over the lower mainland for the dress of my dreams. When I couldn't find a dress that I just loved I began looking in Indian stores thinking that I would have to settle for a lehenga or sari.  

    After visiting your store, meeting Dave and talking about what I had wanted in my reception gown I was thrilled that my reception dress dreams were all but over.  Dave worked with me to design a beautiful Indian-Western fusion reception gown that was in a word AMAZING!!!  
    Dave and his staff worked with me from day one, ensuring that every detail was just perfect, responding to emails quickly with assurances and reassurances, sending me pictures and progress reports from India and tracking the dress every step of the way to delivery.  Our wedding reception was perfect and wearing this beautiful creation made me feel like a princess."
    Check out these amazing shots from Gagan's wedding.
  • 5 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Destination Wedding

    Posted 17 February 2015

    If you haven't heard already, destination weddings are the new big thing as they have been on the rise over the past few years. You may think a destination wedding might be too pricey, or difficult to organize, but forget all those assumptions for a moment.

    Here's why a destination wedding my just be the best option for you: 

    1) Intimate

    Usually when traveling is involved, only close friends and family will gladly make the trek out to the location. When you have a small guest count, you can make your big day truly an intimate affair. Share and celebrate your joyous occasion with those individuals that truly matter in your lives. 


    Guest Author:

    Harprit Patel is a top wedding consultant and planner who specializes specifically in South Asian weddings. Check out her website at


  • 9 Indian Bridal Looks Inspired By Disney Princesses

    Posted 17 January 2015

    We love working with brides. Making them look stunning on their BIG day is our passion and challenging the status quo is our mission.

    In our quest to do something out of the the ordinary, we thought it be awesome to do a Disney themed bridal shoot. After all, many brides grow up idealizing characters like Cinderella, Rapunzel, Jasmine, etc.

    Our idea was to showcase these characters as Indian brides. We knew it would be a challenge to pull this off but we’re blessed with some very talented and creative people in our industry.

    The project was originally published in South Asian Bride Magazine. Sites like Buzzfeed and Huffington Post eventually took notice and our campaign has since gone viral.

    Without further a due, we present our Disney brides. Hope you like them. Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

  • Jasmine & Sunny's Glamorous Wedding

    Posted 03 January 2015

    Today we're featuring the wedding of a gorgeous couple. Our client Jasmin and Sunny. 

    Here's what Jasmin and Sunny had to say about her shopping experience at Wellgroomed

    "I can’t begin to describe how much I loved my wedding and reception outfits! You were so patient with my weekly visits and made me feel at ease with my outfits. Sunny and I both wanted to do something unique and we know you were the one to go to! I've always wanted to do something different besides having my wedding color to be peach, and my vision of a ‘D shape’ chunni and a train, as well as Sunny’s salwar shervani was turned into reality. We both felt like royalty! You are so talented and do exceptional work, thank you! It has been almost 3 months since our wedding day and we still receive ENDLESS compliments, on our color, style and overall look. You and your team are truly amazing and went above and beyond for us. We can’t thank you enough for being a part of #BolaGoesTumber"
    "My experience with Dave & the Wellgroomed Team was amazing. Unique was what we were looking for and unique is what we got! In addition, attention to detail was very important. From the start to the finish Dave and his staff made the process fun and easy to work with. Everyone has a vision that they come pre-disposed with of themselves on their wedding day, taking that vision and creating it can only be done with a team that goes the extra mile. Nothing was a "No" was very collaborative and a solution oriented process. We truly felt blessed to have chosen Wellgroomed."
    Jasmin and Sunny were awesome to work with and we had a blast bringing their unique visions to life. Check out the glamorous shots of their wedding. 
  • Shika & Sneh's Beautiful Wedding (Vancouver, BC)

    Posted 23 November 2014

    Today we're featuring the wedding of a lovely couple from Vancouver. Our clients Shika and Sneh.

    Here's what Shika had to say about her shopping experience at Wellgroomed:

    "I would just like to tell you how amazing your work made us feel on our special day. We received tons of compliments on unique and beautiful look of the outfits. I cant thank you enough for listening to my ideas and turning it into an amazing reality. I loved how the mirror work complemented the entire pastel theme and made everything look so vibrant."

    We loved working with Shika and Sneh and wish them a happy married lifeHere're some photos from their wedding taken by Sohal Photography. Enjoy!

  • Yashna & Rajiv's Classy Indian Wedding (Calgary, Alberta)

    Posted 13 November 2014

    Today we're featuring the wedding of a lovely couple from Alberta. Our clients Yashna and Rajiv.

    Here's what Yashna had to say about her shopping experience at Wellgroomed:

    "Dave and his team at Well Groomed have been an absolute pleasure to work with. From the very initial consult 10 months before the wedding, to every single trip we took to Vancouver from Alberta, Dave treated not only myself with the highest respect and professionalism, but also my entire family that came into the store every time. 

    He made all my visions come to life, often putting in his own creative input and ideas of what he thought would work well. No matter what step of the creative process we were at for creating the wedding lengha, pre-wedding outfits, grooms achkan or bridesmaids sarees, Dave kept us informed and asked all the right questions to avoid any confusion.

    The final products for our wedding far exceeded any expectations that we had and we have only the team at Well Groomed to thank for that. Becoming their wedding clients, we did not just get an outfit, but made friends who helped actually find us jewelery, all of the groom accessories, shoes, anything required to complete a wedding look! Dave is very timely, professional and dedicated to his customers orders, but moreover, he was also just a great friend through this often stressful time for Brides and Grooms. Thanks again to Dave and his team!"

    Yashna was such a delight to work with and we're so happy for them. Here're some photos from their wedding taken by Glimmer Films. Enjoy!

  • 4 Indian Wedding Themes Every South Asian Bride Ought To Know About

    Posted 05 November 2014

    [Guest post written by: Raj Thandi]

    When it comes to themes, you can go totally out of the box, or you can choose a classic look that’s easy to execute, and is sure to be a hit with everyone young and old. Weddings can be so stressful, why not cut yourself a little slack and pick a theme that will be easy to work with and provides a lot of options for décor?

    In my role as Editor at I spend a lot of time scrolling through pictures from real weddings and researching the latest trends in Indian nuptials. As much as I love something unique and new, I’m also a big fan of classic touches at a desi wedding.

    Here’re four ideas to get you started.

  • 10 Must-Read Lehenga Shopping Tips For South Asian Brides

    Posted 05 October 2014

    Shopping for a wedding lehenga is the most exciting part out of the whole wedding planning experience for every South Asian bride. However, it’s also a very nerve wracking time because there’re a lot of important decisions to be made.

    Since we design close to 500 custom wedding outfits every year, it puts us in unique position to help take some pressure off and make your shopping experience more pleasant.  

    Here’re 10 must-read lehenga shopping tips for South Asian brides to make your wedding shopping experience less stressful so you can dazzle on your BIG day.

    1. Start Early

    Lack of time can cause a lot of stress and possibly turn your wedding shopping experience into a nightmare. Give yourself plenty of time to ensure you get the bridal outfit you want.

    How much time do you need?

    You should give yourself at least six to eight months. Give yourself more time if you want to do some research to figure out what you really want.

    2. Buy a Lehenga That Fits Now

    Many brides want to tone up their physiques and get fit before their wedding day. Make sure you buy a lehengha that fits now even if you’re planning to drop 15 pounds because your body type isn’t going to change completely.

    Besides, the purpose of final fittings is to make sure you fit perfectly into your outfit. Just let your outfit consultant know about your fitness plans so she leaves appropriate room for alterations.

    3. Trust Your Gut Feeling

    Family and friends are entitled to their opinions but the ultimate decision is yours alone. When you find the right lehenga, you’ll know it because your eyes won’t look anywhere else – we see it time and time again.

    If you can’t envision yourself wearing a particular lehenga on your wedding day, simply move on.

  • 13 Surefire Weight Loss Tips For South Asian Brides To Get In Shape For Your Wedding Day

    Posted 30 September 2014

    An Indian bride’s to-do list is long and there’s a lot of running around to do for outfits, jewellery, etc. Looking toned and fit is right on top of that list for many brides-to-be and rightfully so.

    There’s a lot at stake – literally. The dress. The photos. The honeymoon! You’re dropping lots of cash for your big day when hundreds (if not thousands) of eyes will be on you. If you’re looking for weight loss motivation then getting in shape for your wedding is one of the most powerful motivating factors.

    However, it can be a challenge to lose weight while managing everything else happening at the same time.

    If you’re planning to get in shape for your big day then these 13 weight loss tips will come in handy.

  • Client Feedback

    Posted 26 September 2014

    Shopping for your wedding outfit is a really BIG deal. You want to make sure that the boutique you buy your outfit from delivers on its promises. The only way to make sure that you chose the right bridal shop is to look at the track record. 

    We prefer not to brag but there's a reason why brides-to-be from all over North America choose Wellgroomed for their wedding outfits. 

    We are really good at we do and provide exceptional customer service but you don't have to take our word for it. Check out what our clients say about their shopping experience at Wellgroomed. 

  • Mandee & Vic’s Colorful Indian Wedding (Red Deer, Alberta)

    Posted 25 September 2014


    Today we're featuring the wedding of a lovely couple from Red Deer, Alberta. Our clients Mandee and Vic.

    Here's what Mandee had to say about her shopping experience at Wellgroomed:

    "Dave and the whole wellgroomed team are fantastic to work with. The designs are unique and fashion forward. I worked with wellgroomed for my wedding. The experience was incredible from start to finish. Wellgroomed dressed me and my family through the whole week of events. I was able to choose the design the color and any detail I could think of to my liking. Dave was always professional and gave wonderful advice and recommendations.

    He took care of everything from start to finish including jewlery! I lived out of the country for the entire year to my upcoming wedding date, and tried my wedding atire on two weeks prior to the big day for the first time!! As crazy as that sounds I had no regrets. I had complete trust and confidence. His product was incredible and the fit was exact.

    Wellgroomed is my top choice for any of my future Indian attire, and based on my experience and the quality of my purchase I highly recommend Wellgroomed."

    We love it when our clients love our work. Check out Mandee and Vic's awesome wedding. 

  • Don’t Do These 10 Things When Planning Your South Asian Wedding

    Posted 23 September 2014


    The clock is ticking and the day you’ve been dreaming about since you were a little girl gets closer every second.  Therefore, it’s time to get serious about planning your big day.

    Before you start this wild and pressure filled journey of planning a South Asian wedding, watch out for these potential pitfalls along the way. You can thank me later.

    1. Don’t Expect a Silky Smooth Ride

    If you’re expecting the planning process to have no hiccups then I hate to bust your bubble. While wedding planning doesn’t have to be stressful, it’s not exactly silky smooth either.

    There will likely be some disagreements, compromises, delays, and unexpected twists.

    Don’t panic!

    These small hiccups won’t kill the fun as long as you’re mentally prepared and don’t dwell over them.

    2. Don’t Alienate Your Future Husband

    While the wedding festivities are usually a much bigger deal for the bride than the groom, that doesn’t mean your fiancé should be excluded from the planning process.

    Share your ideas with him and get his input.

    3. Don’t Be a Slave Driver

    Your family, friends, and various vendors are there to support you but don’t take that for granted. Being bossy is a sure fire way to lose genuine support.

    You’ll be surprised how your supporting cast will go above and beyond when you play nice and show respect.

  • Mike & Bal’s Destination Wedding (Cancun, Mexico)

    Posted 17 September 2014

    We work really hard to bring our client’s outfit vision to life and make sure they look stunning on their bid day. It’s really gratifying when our clients send us their wedding pictures and tell us about many compliments they received on their outfits.

    We love featuring our clients’ weddings because they’re a great source of inspiration for many brides-to-be.

    Mike and Bal’s wedding took place in Cancun. The Brellow team was there to capture the memories so check out the breathtaking views and stunning outfits worn by our lovely couple.


  • 5 Must-Watch South Asian Wedding Videos That Will Inspire You

    Posted 14 September 2014

    South Asian weddings are extravagant week-long affair worth capturing because the priceless memories are only created once in a lifetime. However, it’s no longer sufficient to just have a videographer record the festivities.

    Every wedding has a unique story and an array of emotions behind it. Nowadays, it’s critical to tell the story and capture the emotions at display so that everyone involved (especially the bride and groom) can truly relive those moments.

    Here’s a list of 5 must-watch South Asian wedding videos that will inspire you.

    His Love Made Her Scars Vanish

    The heartwarming story in this short video will leave your teary eyed so keep a box of Kleenex beside you. Listen to what the groom says at the 1:21 mark.


    Epic Indian Wedding Shuts Down Vegas Strip

    This wedding film is NOT your typical wedding video. Heck, nothing about this wedding was typical and that’s why it became a big news story. Just watch and be amazed.

  • 7 Ways To Find Unique Wedding Dress Ideas For South Asian Brides

    Posted 07 September 2014

    Shopping for wedding outfits is by far the most exciting time for every South Asian bride. It can also be a bit nerve wracking because you’re not just shopping for “an outfit”.

    The outfit is also an expression of who you are and your creative genius.

    Here’re 7 ways you can find unique ideas for your wedding dress.

  • 5 Killer Blogs Worth Following When Planning Your South Asian Wedding

    Posted 01 September 2014

    Imagine you’re taking a stroll on the beach one day and the love of your life decides to get down on one knee and pops the question you’ve been dreaming about.

    Congratulations, you’re officially engaged!

    Savor the moment because every thought from that moment on will be related to your wedding till the big day arrives.

    The planning will begin when you wake up the next day (that’s if you can fall asleep with an endless stream of thoughts running through your mind). You’ll be scouring the internet (and pinning) for tips, how-to’s, style inspiration, trends, vendors, etc.
    If you’ve ever searched for anything online then you know that there’re literally thousands of websites on any given topic. South Asian wedding is no different.

    Google “Indian wedding” or “South Asian wedding” and you’ll get millions of web pages in the search results.
    This of course can be overwhelming and downright frustrating but panic no more.

    Here’s a list of 5 killer blogs you should follow when planning your desi wedding.

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