Our Story


Our story begins in Amritsar, India, where founder & creative director, Dave Singh, was born and raised. Dave grew up in an entrepreneurial family and was inspired by his country's cultural diversity and rich textile craft and tradition. He developed a passion for fabrics and fashion early on and became known for his keen sense of style and design instinct.
Life's too short to blend in—Dave Singh, Founder & Creative Director

After university Dave immersed himself in the industry and opened a woolen mill to manufacture textiles and shawls. He quickly learned the art and business of textiles and design working with industry heavyweights like Li and Fung who sourced materials and manufacturing for major brands such as The Gap and Tommy Hilfiger.

A sense of adventure and passion for design

In 2008, Dave sought new adventure and opportunity in Vancouver, Canada—home to one of the world’s largest South Asian enclaves. While the local market was already flush with imported Indian fashions, Dave discovered an opportunity to create unique designs and custom wedding and evening wear for this large and growing market.

Ancient techniques, new vision

Dave’s unique vision was to create designs that celebrate heritage, culture and traditions, while embracing contemporary global fashion trends. He sourced the finest fabrics and artisans and established his atelier and production studio in India. His new designs would combine the best of Indian artisanal embroidery techniques and textiles with modern silhouettes, cuts and construction. 

WellGroomed Designs Inc. was born

Dave opened his first boutique in 2009, specializing in custom designs for menswear and grooms, hence the name WellGroomed. But it wasn’t long before brides took notice and came seeking exquisite and extraordinary one-of-a-kind designs for themselves and their wedding parties.

Thank you for not only bringing my dream outfits to life, but also creating lifelong memories that go beyond any outfit. I loved the fabulous work you delivered and also the personal experience you gave me—Pinder, WellGroomed bride

Our design inspiration and atelier

Today, WellGroomed designs two major collections annually (Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter), and develops them from the ground up when Dave returns to his homeland for total immersion in India’s rich culture, diversity, and landscape.

Dave connects with his atelier team, and attends India’s biggest fashion events to keep his finger on the pulse of emerging trends. He meets with the finest textile manufacturers—both established and innovators—to source fabrics and trims for his collections. Dave also finds inspiration in India’s heritage artisanal craft industry, which continues to practice ancient techniques, and is also constantly evolving and developing exciting new approaches to textile design, manufacturing and embroidery.  

Our atelier is in India - the Indian people, the country’s colours, sounds, smells, music…all of these elements inspire our designs and bleed into the heart of our creations—Dave Singh, Founder & Creative Director

We take great pride in our growing family of beloved brides and clients who have entrusted us to create one-of-a-kind designs for the most important celebrations of their lives. 

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