10 Must-Read Lehenga Shopping Tips For South Asian Brides

Shopping for a wedding lehenga is the most exciting part out of the whole wedding planning experience for every South Asian bride. However, it’s also a very nerve wracking time because there’re a lot of important decisions to be made.

Since we design close to 500 custom wedding outfits every year, it puts us in unique position to help take some pressure off and make your shopping experience more pleasant.  

Here’re 10 must-read lehenga shopping tips for South Asian brides to make your wedding shopping experience less stressful so you can dazzle on your BIG day.

1. Start Early

Lack of time can cause a lot of stress and possibly turn your wedding shopping experience into a nightmare. Give yourself plenty of time to ensure you get the bridal outfit you want.

How much time do you need?

You should give yourself at least six to eight months. Give yourself more time if you want to do some research to figure out what you really want.

2. Buy a Lehenga That Fits Now

Many brides want to tone up their physiques and get fit before their wedding day. Make sure you buy a lehengha that fits now even if you’re planning to drop 15 pounds because your body type isn’t going to change completely.

Besides, the purpose of final fittings is to make sure you fit perfectly into your outfit. Just let your outfit consultant know about your fitness plans so she leaves appropriate room for alterations.

3. Trust Your Gut Feeling

Family and friends are entitled to their opinions but the ultimate decision is yours alone. When you find the right lehenga, you’ll know it because your eyes won’t look anywhere else – we see it time and time again.

If you can’t envision yourself wearing a particular lehenga on your wedding day, simply move on.

4. Have a Price in Mind

There’s no point in trying on a $9000 lehenga if you know you’re not going spend that much on your wedding outfit. Having a price point in mind will give you more time to decide on specific options that you can buy.

5. Figure Out Your Preference

Although it takes some research, take the time to figure out what you like and don’t like because it will make your wedding shopping experience very smooth.  

Draw inspiration from the venue, the season, and our online boutique to help narrow down your style.

6. Talk to an Expert

It’s best to get an outfit expert involved as early as possible because she could save you a lot of time, money, and energy.  A helpful expert will listen to your outfit vision and share ideas on how to bring that vision to life.

7. Triple Check the Finer Details 

Avoid last minute surprise by reading the purchase contract carefully. Ask questions and clarify if you don’t understand something. Make sure the fabric, color, design work, delivery date, number of fittings, and price in the contract is what you agreed upon.

8. Don’t Forget About Accessories

If you have wedding day accessories like jewellery picked out then bring them with you if at all possible. Also bring shoes with a similar height as what you plan to wear on your wedding, so you can see how the lehenga falls with your heels.

9. Pay For Quality Not Just Looks

This might sound obvious but some brides get sucked into paying more on looks when the quality just isn’t there. The quality of fabric and craftsmanship should be factored into the pricing as well.

10. Only Take Advice From People You Trust

You may get unsolicited advice from family members and friends that have no business giving fashion advice. Only consider opinions of family members and close friends that you trust.

I hope these lehegha shopping tips help relieve some pressure so you have fun shopping.

Your Turn

Do you have any shopping tips for brides-to-be?

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