5 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Destination Wedding

If you haven't heard already, destination weddings are the new big thing as they have been on the rise over the past few years. You may think a destination wedding might be too pricey, or difficult to organize, but forget all those assumptions for a moment.

Here's why a destination wedding my just be the best option for you: 

1) Intimate

Usually when traveling is involved, only close friends and family will gladly make the trek out to the location. When you have a small guest count, you can make your big day truly an intimate affair. Share and celebrate your joyous occasion with those individuals that truly matter in your lives. 

2) Cost Effective

Destination weddings are quite cost effective. There usually tends to be a smaller guest count, so you can spend a bit more on the quality rather than worrying about quantity. Some resorts have wedding packages available which can include a wedding planner, catering services, henna artist, and venue. You would just need to check with the resort of your choosing to see what package is available and what is included. With the money that you have saved on your wedding, you can instead invest it into a new house or even put those savings into a fancier honeymoon.

3) Simple

If you and your fiancé live in two different cities, it is easier to have a destination wedding. Instead of having to figure out whose hometown the wedding and reception should take place in and then having to make arrangements for some of the guests, going to another destination makes it fair for everyone.

4) Mini Vacation

The sun, blue waters, and beaches covered with white sand – destination weddings are like mini vacations! Weddings can be very stressful for couples. Most resorts have event coordinators on-site, so you have someone there that knows everything about the resort and would make sure your wedding and reception is executed exactly the way you envisioned it. So instead of running around and stressing out over details, you can be relaxing on the beach. 

It isn’t often that the whole family is able to get together and go on a vacation. Everyone has busy schedules and it’s hard to get together. But when you decide to have a destination wedding, the whole family has the perfect excuse to go on a little vacation and you are the one that brought them together. With work out of the way, your guests can truly enjoy themselves and be completely present in the moment for your wedding with no worries or stress.

5) Weather

Everyone wants the weather to cooperate and have the sun out for their big day. Destination weddings tend to have beautiful weather all year long which means you don't have to necessarily get married in the summer. 

Destination Hot Spot

The hot spot for destination weddings in 2015 is Mexico. With the airfare and hotel it can get a bit pricey for your guests but all-inclusive resorts in Mexico are relatively affordable. As everything is included in one cost, your guests don’t need to worry about anything except for getting ready for your functions – it is practically stress-free! 

Make your wedding a truly unique and relaxing experience. Cancun, Peurto Vallarta, and with so many more locations, which one will you pick?


Guest Author:

Harprit Patel is a top wedding consultant and planner who specializes specifically in South Asian weddings. Check out her website at http://alwaysandforeverweddings.ca/

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